6 Useful Tips To Reduce Work Stress

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Work stress directly impacts productivity within the workplace, among many emails and notifications may have difficulty concentrating and even have moments of little creativity. Not only does it end there, but it also impacts your health, headaches, sleepless nights, poor diet, but you will also eventually start having more serious health problems. All this ultimately influences your portfolio, either in the amount of money you earn or spend for trying to maintain good health and in visits to the doctor.

How to reduce work stress

For all this and more is necessary to consider some actions to lower the level of stress. Your productivity and your portfolio will be appreciated in the long term. These are our tips.

1. Disable work notifications

Especially emails, or even in some cases when you have a mobile or work laptop, turn them off and avoid using them once the working day ends. It has been found that people who check their emails and work notifications outside working hours have higher levels of stress than those who do not.

2. Socialize more

Chatting with co-workers in addition to helping to clear the mind for a few moments of work, helps to relax and even get creative ideas. Everything can come out through conversations that can be had with colleagues. In this case, do not hesitate to go to the coffee or water machine regularly in the office. At the same time, it keeps you moving. In office work, you usually spend a lot of time sitting.

3. Avoid eating at the desk

The only way you can ensure good productivity is to take breaks so that the mint can start fresh. When he eats or takes his break at the desk, the only thing he is achieving is to constantly think about the work, what he will do when he finishes, or even to see how the emails keep coming. Go clear your mind.

4. Rest of the digital world

We are constantly connected, from work with laptops and calls, to at home through social networks, it is really using the same means but with other purposes. For creativity and for a good rest, it is recommended to disconnect one day completely from electronic devices. Cell phones, in general, generate stress, leaving them one day off the weekend can help you cultivate the close relationships you have without the technology involved.

5. Regarding the perfect concentration

Completing tasks under pressure, with constant interruptions and a deadline, can leave many incomplete tasks or begin to stack. Once or twice a week you can apply a perfect form of concentration, without distractions. The “monk mode” suggests finding a quiet and private place, preferably, without distractions where you can devote 60 to 90 minutes of perfect concentration.

6. Work what it is

The hours off work as a break to revitalize and return fresh the next day. When you cut back those hours of rest time and to recover, work stress also decreases. Try to stick to your work hours. It does not always work better who works more hours, but who does his work within hours. In addition, overtime is almost never paid as it should be.