Increase your sales or reduce your cost

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As the old saying goes, there are two ways to make more profit in beverage sales: increase your sales or reduce your costs, or possibly do both. This old adage is still true, but there are more factors to consider outside of this matrix. Reducing waste is one way, as is ensuring weights and measures rules are in place. Stock controlling and regularly shopping around for the best bulk deals are also important. The essential rules are the same as in any business, and we’re going to outline them here.

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Control the Ordering

When you’re running low on a particular beverage, do your staff take the initiative and order in more? It’s quick and it’ll be delivered, possibly before opening. However, by encouraging staff to order ad hoc, you are missing out on an overview of how much is typically needed. You will also be racking up extra delivery charges unnecessarily. Instead, do a control twice a week and order what will be needed.

Get What You Pay For

You’d be surprised how many restaurants simply unload and stack the drinks without checking everything is received. Beverage suppliers aren’t robotic, mistakes are made and you’ll be the one who pays for them. What’s more, if the order is wrong, it’ll throw off your stock control.

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Shop Around

If you were shopping around for commercial dishwashers, you would go to a range of suppliers,  your current supplier might not be the most commercially competitive option. Have a look around every few months to see if you could reduce your spend by switching suppliers.

Perfect Balance

Become a stock control expert and get it ‘just in time’. This means staying on the ball with drinks trends and seasonal fluctuations to ensure your capital or credit won’t be going on hoarding stock. No one ever reduced their costs by stockpiling soft drinks.

This does off course mean that when you do receive your drinks delivery it does need to be stored somewhere safe and secure like on a Longspan Shelving unit which can be sourced from sites such as

Record Wastage

Every restaurant gives out complimentary drinks sometimes, either to guests, to management or to staff. You can’t expect staff to drink tap water all night. However, recording all ‘free’ drinks and spills at the Point of Sale will help you keep track of wastage. What’s more, when drinks are recorded, free drink privileges are also less likely to be abused.