Small investments to make money: Mutual funds USA

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You worked hard and saved some money. Now you want to know the process of small investments to make money. This post is all about investing in the mutual fund with little money. Mutual funds are investment companies that receive money from many investors to invest in the stock and bond market.

When depositing your money with a mutual fund you will receive a proportion of shares according to the price of the fund and the amount of your capital. Mutual funds are registered with the government (SEC), but these are not guaranteed. Your investment can yield good results by multiplying your money, but you also have the risk of losing part or all of your capital.

The objective of mutual investment funds is to participate in stocks and bonds of public companies to increase the capital of those who invest. The recommendation is to diversify your investments to reduce the risks, while your capital increases. Before buying mutual funds, make sure they have the features you are looking for in an investment.

Small investments to make money in mutual funds


Mutual funds invest in a wide range of sectors and companies to keep investment risk low in case one of the companies goes bankrupt.


Mutual funds make investments in the stock market. This means that the risk of loss increases while pursuing a high level of profitability. But, you can also earn money and multiply your capital.

Professional Management

Mutual funds are registered with the government and many of their advisors are also registered and supervised by the SEC government agency.

Low investment

Most mutual funds require small investments to make money in them.


Mutual funds are marketed in the Stock Exchange. Investors can buy and sell during business days. This is an open and liquid market where you can withdraw your money whenever you want. You also receive daily information about your fund simply by reading its news and closing price. At any time you can sell and change the background.


Mutual funds have administration fees. It is important to invest in funds with low fees or investment fees.

Types of mutual funds

There are variable income funds, fixed income, short term and long term. These also exist in various business sectors. For example, the medical sector, financial sector, the energy sector.

Profitability history

It is important to review the performance history of the fund, but bear in mind that this history does not represent security in the future.


Mutual funds are supervised by government agencies such as the SEC. Their supervision is rigid because many retirement plans and education are invested in this market. These are not guaranteed.

If investing in mutual funds seems like the best option for your money, here are some recommendations to get started small investments to make money.

Choose a mutual fund company

Four of these companies are Vanguard, Fidelity, American Funds and Pimco. They participate in several of the funds for retirement or retirement in the United States. Visit some of these and other fund companies to open an account and buy funds. You can also call customer service to open the account and ask questions.

Review the list of funds

Each company publishes all funds open for new investors. Analyze which of these you wish to open. Each fund specializes in one sector of the economy.

Be careful with the charges

The administration and investment charges vary with each fund. Generally, between (0.50-1) % in charges is recommended.

Participate by sector

For example, to participate in the energy sector, Vanguard offers the “Energy Fund”. To participate in the health sector, Vanguard offers the “Health Care Fund”. If you are looking for fixed income, Vanguard has the Government Securities Long Term Fund.

Congratulations, you have worked hard and sacrificed to have your savings. Now through the investment, you can put your small investments to make money that works for you. Mutual funds are an easy and practical way to start in the world of financial investments. With a little knowledge, you can open an account and choose which funds to participate in.