7 laws to boost the sales of your company or business

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Can you imagine getting your business or company to boost the sales just by reading an article? Do you think it’s something outlandish or otherworldly? Do not worry, because at the end of this article you will realize that there are really 7 laws that every company, business or person should follow to boost their sales.

But before I start, I want to explain where these laws are born that I apply in my life. For almost 10 years I have been passionate about the sales world.

I have read a book, attended seminars, listened to audiobooks and even had the support and wisdom of great mentors. (I speak of large caliber sellers) Thanks to all that learning and knowledge, I was able to improve a lot in the art of selling, as well as helping many companies as a consultant in Bolivia. Keep reading profitable small farm ideas.

The following 7 laws to boost the sales that you are going to read are focused on how to increase the degree of motivation and need for purchase by consumers.

7 laws to boost the sales

Law of need: no need, there are no sales

People are not stupid. When someone buys a product or service is because they need it or because they just created the need.

I dare say that sometimes the advertising, the seller or even the packaging and information that you have, can create that need.

The key to driving sales is then to look for the need that is being attacked or to see with what resources to create it.

Law of value: consumers want benefits

A product may satisfy a need, but among several products that do the same, customers will always choose those that provide the most benefits.

If the client wants to wash his clothes and in the supermarket, he finds a product that serves for white and colored clothes, he will surely choose that detergent.

When selling or planning our sales strategies (and communication) it must be clear what benefits will be provided and communicated to customers.

Law of perception: customers do not pay what is good, but what they perceive

I’ve seen people pay fortunes for things that are not worth it and vice versa. People assign a value to the consumer objects they want (or acquire) based on their reality, in their way of perceiving it.

For example, A person who does not know anything about social networks will never pay the fair price to a social media agency, rather he will ask for a significant discount because he does not value the service.

If you want to boost the sales, then you must work on what consumers perceive. We need to enter into their reality, modify it and then get out of it.

Law of confidence: customers prefer to consume what they trust

This is very simple. People prefer to consume products and services that they trust. Our job will be to get them to trust what we are offering.

Obviously, many factors come into play here, such as the type of company, the degree of knowledge of the company, the time it has, the type of communications it carries out, the packaging, the vendors, etc.

But it must be clear that to boost the sales of a company, you have to build trust.

boost the sales

Law of functionality: every product or service has a function

I learned this from a seller of collector’s items who told me that for collectors, those luxury items or exhibitions played a role.

Which was simply to elevate the level of the person, increase their ego and demonstrate before others to enhance their capacity as a collector?

It was an object of “status creation” And it is true. Any product or service, beyond the advantages, features or benefits has a function. If you can explain to customers, how that function will impact their lives, you will boost the sales significantly.

Knowledge law: the more known is the client, the better

The more you know the customer, the more you can boost sales. Not only that but also through loyalty techniques and effective marketing strategies, you can get customers to buy more times.

It is key in the world of sales, to keep track of customers (for example with a CRM), analyze them, their consumption habits or even their way of being.

This also applies to those potential customers to whom we have sold nothing. You have to study them or try to know them thoroughly, before trying to sell.

Law of approach: you must sell at the timely

To boost sales, you have to reach customers (or attract them) at the right time. What do I mean by this? Not only speak of the dimension of time (Find or approach at the right time) but also in a dimension of personality and mentality.

Trying to sell something to a customer, at a time when you do not believe or think it could serve you, can be a waste of time.

You have to arrive at the right time, in the right way and with the right perception.

As you can see these laws apply to many parts of the sales or business process. Some of them require marketing or advertising, others from the sales area or the company in general.

But I am sure about something. If you focus on keeping these laws alive and apply them to what you are selling, you will have many chances to boost your sales.