Compiled of 11 free email marketing tools for your business 

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As everyone knows, having an email marketing strategy is fundamental in these times. Every day more competitors appear and it becomes more complicated to keep the attention of people in our brand, product or website.

It is for this reason that here I will mention 11 free email marketing tools to do business either for a company, a blog or even for a private seller if you like.

Why should I use any of the free tools to do email marketing?

If you are a company, you may want to send them emails with the news.

If you have a blog, it’s a great way to be able to attract them constantly.

Even if you are a private seller, it is an excellent way to inform your clients or potential clients.

The reason why you should use these free tools to do marketing is to attract the attention of people and thus improve your opportunities to sell, get visits or publicize your company.

Is email marketing the same as SPAM?

Give it for not sure. When you do SPAM what you are doing is actually sending emails to people who may not have given it to you or who do not even have any interest in what you offer.

When doing email marketing you are using emails from people who may have given you permission to write to them and who are really interested in your products, service or your blog.

So remember that it is key that you avoid SPAM, that you always give people the chance to unsubscribe from your email marketing list and that you really send messages to the ideal target audience.

What are the benefits of these free email marketing tools?

That the word “FREE” does not scare you. There’s nothing weird.

The benefits are in general the same as the payment tools, only that many services use free plans to prove the effectiveness of the same and decide at some point to upload the plan.

The biggest benefits are:

  • Power automates shipments.
  • Know who received and who not you mail.
  • Also, know who opened it and who did not.
  • Know even where they clicked.
  • Give you statistics of your effectiveness.

Do you want to know the free tools to do email marketing?

Then we will explain briefly each one and I promise later in the blog, to put a little more emphasis on them and even teach some advice.

To access each tool, if you want you can click on the banners with a blue background that has the name of each of the services.


The first of the free email marketing tools is Sendinblue, an excellent platform that also, like the predecessors, has several plans.

It’s nice to have your free plan with 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts.


The second of the free email marketing tools that I recommend is MailChimp.

Particularly it is my favorite and it is the one I use in the blog. Your free plan is great, it allows you to have up to 2,000 contacts and send about 12,000 emails per month. In summary, you could send 6 emails to 2,000 people.

As it is what I use, I can tell you that it has everything. From templates to choose very simple to use and even create your own forms to put on your website.


The third of the free email marketing tools that I tried and not so thoroughly is MailRelay.

An interesting detail is that your free plan allows you to climb up to 15,000 contacts (or subscribers) and send 75,000 emails per month. For this, they only ask you to like your Facebook page, your Google+ page and follow them on Twitter.

Not bad for such a number.

If you do not want to do this, it does not matter, because your free plan without doing anything already allows you to have about 3,000 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails per month.


Following with the free tools of email marketing, now it is the turn of speaking of Doppler.

Like the other tools, it has the most interesting free plan. Although this plan only has the possibility of having up to 500 subscribers, where you beat the other tools is that the number of shipments we can make is unlimited.

In relation to the characteristics, it is similar to the ones I mentioned. A possibility of doing traditional campaigns, integrated into social networks, A / B tests, obtain reports and other elements.


Known as the Spanish MailChimp, MDirector this fourth option of the list of free email marketing tools has a great advantage.

Its free version allows having up to 5,000 subscribers (3,000 more than MailChimp) and sending up to 5,000 emails per month.

It is a good option if we want to have a large database, although its disadvantage is that we would only send a maximum of emails per month if we reach that number of subscribers.

Although for a small business or a personal blog, it’s not bad at all.


The sixth free email marketing tool is Hostalia, really one of the services of this company, which is one of the main hosting companies in Spain.

His free plan is quite interesting since it allows having up to 2,000 subscribers and sending a total of 2,000 emails per month.

Like all the others, it has interesting templates and even statistics.


MailerLite is the seventh of free email marketing tools and has interesting features, from a drag and drop style editor, your own photo editor, form creation and like others, statistics.

It has a free plan that announced it for life and that allows unlimited emails, up to 1,000 subscribers (twice as much as Doppler)


The truth that what caught my attention MailKitchen was the amount of subscribers that can be had in the free account. Neither more nor less than 100,000 subscribers. Yes, they read well, 100,000.

Of course, there is a small trap in this service and that is that it allows us to send up to 20,000 emails per month, but 5,000 emails at the most.

However, if we handle several lists, maybe we can play with them and make limited shipments of 5,000 per day to different audiences without having to change service.

Without a doubt, one of the free email marketing tools that we should consider.


TargetHero promotes itself under the message “Email marketing is now free” (Email marketing is now free).

As you can see in their website, they have a very interesting template editor and a series of typical features of this type of free email marketing tools.

It has no price or better said plans (but added to buy) so your free account allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers and send emails unlimited.

Of course, the day of the date say they are in beta so I do not know if it will be valid for a long time, it will grow or not.

# 10 - MAILJET

The tenth of the free email marketing tools that I have to present today is MailJet. Like all the others, it has similar characteristics, although I have not tried it.

Why do I include it?

Well, he has something quite interesting.

Its free plan allows us to upload up to 100,000 contacts and send up to 6,000 per month (although with a maximum of 200 emails per day).

The truth is that to make a communication to a large customer base, it is not bad.

# 11 - TEENVIO

Finally, the last of the free email marketing tools is Teenvio, a Spanish company that offers this service.

Like all the others, it has the same options and features from simple wizards to create templates, to subscriber control, statistics and more.

And your free plan? Nothing bad. It allows having up to 1,000 subscribers and sending up to 5,000 emails per month.

And this is the list of 11 free email marketing tools, I hope you liked it, that you take advantage of some of them and that you understand the importance of integrating email marketing sameway you focus SEO in your company, business or blog.

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