Modern Office Decor Trends for Your Workplace

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Whether you work from home, a traditional office or even a coffee shop, creating a healthy, bright and intimate space is the buzz for 2020. Here are some of the hottest trends.

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Meditation Areas

Meditation reduces anxiety and tension through using deep relaxation techniques. Modern offices are increasingly introducing breakaway areas for relaxation, with yoga on the menu too.

Calming background noise stimulates the staff’s problem-solving abilities.

Private Space

While technology means that people can work anywhere, studies show that employees with office desks like working efficiently in their own private patch as opposed to hot-desking.

Private office cubicles are known to stimulate productivity.

The Green Workplace

Nature is increasingly invading the workplace, with plants and living walls improving air quality, increasing energy and soothing staff.

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Biophilic design - decor based on elements in nature - combats depression and promotes productivity. This calming trend includes natural materials like beautiful stone and wood.

Reception chairs provide the first impression of an office. You can look for smart yet cheap reception chairs online.

Meanwhile, Forbes looks at office design trends:

Patterns and Colours

Office patterns and colours affect mood. Employers tend to use palettes that chime with the ethos and branding of their company. Today, pale blues, greys and whites are out, and cheerful hues are in. Pops of colour, paintings and attractive lighting break the grey office monotony.

Using All Space

Using space effectively means that smaller offices have to build upwards. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling shelving creates extra storage space; must-have items can be placed to hand.

Homely Décor

Creating the ambience of home is a great way to retain staff. As we spend so much time in the office, employers want employees to feel welcome. Inviting workspaces today include relaxing coffee areas containing comfy sofas and chairs, while cheerful décor brightens people’s day.

Focus on Ergonomics

Health and wellbeing are as important as ever. Ergonomic offices encourage staff to take breaks, are will lit and use furniture proven to improve posture.

Adjustable ergonomic chairs which support the spine are a good investment for firms, as comfortable staff work harder. Meanwhile, standing desks offset the detrimental effects of too much sitting. Good versions can quickly be adapted to sitting too - the healthiest arrangement, according to scientists.