Try These Office Productivity Hacks

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Productivity is the buzz-word in any working environment, and yet in the modern workplace there are many distractions that can impinge upon it, so how can you best create surroundings which get the best of your workforce?

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Any changes need not involve a major overhaul. Instead there are small tweaks which can be improve output.

1. Re-structuring the Office Plan

Modern technology such as an intranet means that teams of workers need not be grouped together. Some workers may enjoy an open-plan environment, and even the concept of hot-desks, but others will be more productive if they have their own space and peace and quiet. You could even consider remote working from home if you think some of the workforce may prefer this, especially if they are part-time.

2. Well-being

Good mental health is making the headlines, and all good managers will be aware of the stresses which exist in the workplace. Employers should be aware of any health issues which staff are coping with and manage human resources in the same way that they deal with other aspects of the workplace. Creating a relaxed environment often results in increased productivity and fewer days lost to illness.

3. Take a Look at Your Management Structure

Make sure you have a clear chain of command and ensure that each member of the workforce is clear about the tasks which are required of them. Ensuring staff know whom they should contact when they need help is essential, and encouraging them to seek advice if unsure about a job is essential. Make sure employees understand that the structure is in place to help them rather than result in criticism if work is not flowing as it should.

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4. Ensure Errors Are Reduced

Cutting out simple mistakes will mean a reduction in employee errors and will be reflected in productivity. Some keyboard errors can arise where information is being transferred manually from one format to another. Introducing new software can alleviate these issues - for example, transferring information on a PDF to Excel could be time-consuming and result in mistakes. But how easily can you make a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet? These days, very easily.

5. Declutter

Encourage staff to organise their own workspace. A tidy desk encourages a tidy mind and will lead to improved productivity in the office.