Successful Business- Opening Of A Tailoring Studio

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A rather urgent topic is business - the opening of a tailoring studio. Profitable and successful, it can bring you a stable source of income.

How to open a tailoring shop and make it so that the discovery does not end with a not entirely successful business? First of all, as you know, you need to calculate everything. The essence of a business plan is that it shows, through a detailed description of the actions, how much profit your business will ultimately bring.

The choice of specialization studio tailoring

First of all, the opening of the tailoring studio as a kind of business requires an answer to the question - what will be the specialization of your studio.

You must select directions:

  1. individual tailoring (to order);
  2. sew wedding dresses;
  3. sew business suits;
  4. Clothing repair;
  5. mass production of a clothing line.

Your choice depends on your initial capital and your desire.

Thus, you can choose the following concept: choose a place in places with high traffic, focus on the mass client in the middle price segment. Mode of operation, for example, from 11.00-21.00. Only on weekdays.

Necessary funds for opening a tailoring studio

So how much is necessary to invest in the business of opening a tailoring studio?

Costs include:

  1. equipment rent;
  2. Consumables;
  3. Salary fund.

For the first year of work, you will need more than $15,000.

This business is quite profitable: a low threshold of entry, return on sales reaches 20-30%, investments pay off, as a rule, for 1 year.

The choice of premises and equipment for the studio

As already mentioned, the place you need to choose crowded. It is necessary to provide for the proximity of the fabric store, as well as large shopping centers.

The room may include:

  1. Shop tailoring.
  2. Showroom.
  3. Dressing room.

If you want to open mass production - then you need more than 150 square meters. m

In order for your studio to notice, it is necessary to make a sign (several tens of thousands of Dollars - about 400-500 Dollars).

For example, you decided to do individual orders and at the same time repair clothes. This is the most profitable line of business.

Less money will bring you the repair of clothing (for example, shortening jeans, hem jackets, etc.).

The equipment for tailoring needs to be of high quality (tailoring will be better, and satisfied customers will recommend you). It includes:

  1. Overlocks.
  2. Loop semi-automatic.
  3. Universal steam dummy.
  4. Cutting equipment.
  5. The device with a steam iron.
  6. Stitching devices.
  7. Threads, zippers, etc.
  8. Scissors, meter, patterns, needles, knitting needles, etc.

The cost of equipment for the studio can be at least $2,200.

If the volume of orders you are planning large, then you will need several units of each equipment. Expenses can increase up to 9,000 - 10,000 Dollars, or even a million.

Fabrics can be bought in bulk. For tailoring clothes to order, sometimes better quality fabric is needed - they are sold abroad - if there is a need, you will have to travel to Korea, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates for quality material.

Staff recruitment for tailoring studio

Most likely, you will need to lure professionals in sewing from other firms. Thus, the wage fund immediately rises.

If you sew clothes in relatively large quantities, then you need 10 seamstresses, two cutters, 2 people need for heat treatment, and one boss above them. Also in the state need 1 mechanic who will monitor the health of the equipment.

If your studio is large, you need an accountant and a cleaner, as well as a supervisor.

It is worth noting that the season for sewing plays its role. In January, there are usually few orders, so you need to take care in advance about securing orders from institutions for tailoring uniforms or workwear for factories or firms.

The market for services, such as opening an atelier for sewing clothes and repairing clothes, has great potential for growth because today the number of tailoring workshops is small.

Thus, the business at the studio for sewing clothes can be successful with a proper approach to it and considering all the risks and benefits - the business plan of the studio for tailoring clothes is very relevant.