How to Buy Walmart Shares for Small Investors

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Walmart is one of the largest discount stores in the United States. This post is all about How to Buy Walmart shares for small investors. Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). At present, Walmart pays around $2.00 annually in dividends for each share. Like all public actions, those of WalMart can go up and down in the market. The stock symbol is WMT to buy the shares in the United States.

Before buying and selling stocks it is important to do your research. There are several sites to do these studies. Yahoo Finance, CNN, Bloomberg Latam are some of the pages with stock information and stock quotes.

What you should know when participating in the stock exchange


The most appropriate is to have your investments in different types of assets. As they say, do not put all the eggs in a single investment basket. At any age you should not put all your capital in a single financial investment. So keep in mind to keep a bank account, certificates of deposit, investments in different types of shares etc.

Investment risks

Another consideration when investing your money is the possibility of losing part or all of your capital in the market. The value of your stock can go up by 20% as much as it can go down by 20%. Taking these possibilities it is important to only invest the part of your money that you can lose. If you are willing to invest even with the highs and lows you must decide whether to buy in a growth company, this can give you many benefits, but also its price can be unstable. On the other hand, you can invest in a slower but more stable growth company.

How to buy Walmart shares for small investors

Invest in Walmart through the direct investment plan

Computershare is the agent that Walmart uses to allow small investors to buy their shares with little investment money. Visit the brokerage house to open an account and get more information about this investment plan. Among the benefits of this plan are; the ease of investing in a traditional firm of strength and being able to start investing with very little money ($50 is the minimum).

Invest in Walmart in a brokerage or broker account

If you have an account to invest in the stock market you can buy and sell the Walmart shares. Broker-dealers such as Ameritrade, Scott Trade, ING and Merill Lynch Edge offer low-cost services (between $7 and $20 per transaction) for small investors. You can execute your transactions online or through an agent with customer service.

Other options to invest your money

The opportunities for small investors do not end with the plans of purchases in direct bags. There are other means of investment, some with less risk and cheaper than direct stock purchases. These are some investment options with the objective of multiplying your money.

Buy shares in a mutual fund

If you do not want to buy Walmart shares for small investors, a mutual fund can be a good investment to invest from little by little, month to month. In this way, your cost per share is an average and lower than investing all the money at once. Several companies offer mutual funds with a small investment. These include; Vanguard, T Row Price and Fidelity among others. These funds offer the option of investing in several companies at the same time. Market sectors, such as banks, the medical sector, technology etc. are some examples where they invest these funds.

Invest in a quoted fund or ETF

Another option for them who do not like to purchase Walmart shares for small investors is quoted fund (ETF). These funds invest in groups of companies like mutual funds, but the big difference is that the ETF is quoted as a normal share during the day. Mutual funds are quoted only once a day, at the end of the stock exchange business day. Like mutuals, ETFs also offer the opportunity to invest little money in several companies at once.

Direct investments are opportunities for small investors to participate in the stock market. If you invest little by little, month by month, in the long term these investments can multiply your money. There is also the investment risk that must be measured carefully.