Ask these questions when crafting your MVP

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A solid membership value proposition (MVP) is essential when attracting new members to your association. Prospective members are likely to refer to the association’s MVP when deciding whether to sign up to your organisation or a competitor.

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A well-written MVP should give the prospective member a clear understanding of what sets your association apart from its rivals, along with the benefits that members can enjoy by joining and contributing to the association.

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When creating the MVP, it is useful to consider the following questions in order to determine how the association’s values will align with a prospective member’s needs.

Who are prospective members and what are their values?

You should have a clear idea of who your members are likely to be and what they value. This will help you to determine the membership value proposition for prospective members.

Can the membership value proposition be measured?

You should consider whether the proposition can be measured, such as via special offers, savings or discounts. This will give prospective members a clear understanding of how your association differs from its rivals.

Who are your competitors?

Taking time to shape your own membership services is not enough if you do not know how they measure up against rival associations. You should compare the services and pricing of your offering with those of your competitors.

Do your research

Understanding who your potential new member is will help you target membership services and costs more effectively. You could consider joining a professional body to aid your own development, which will benefit the association.

Membership in an organisation such as The Institute of Association Management could help you gain access to a professional network and events, along with mentoring. This is useful in providing an insight into how other associations work and sounding out ideas you may have.

Have the right tools

In the digital age, your association will only look as professional as your membership management software. Having good-quality membership management software in place is essential in helping you to provide the services and benefits that you have offered.

The membership value proposition is only a small aspect of building and maintaining a successful membership association, but it is one that you need to take the time to get right.