Five more great facts about digital signage

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Digital signs are becoming a part of everyday life. It is hard to walk down a street, visit a tube station, or attend a sporting event, without seeing one. Some are highly interactive whilst some will simply change every few seconds.

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Here a few more interesting facts:

1. Digital signs lose their appeal less quickly than static signs. It is easy to forget a static sign after you have seen it once, but it’s harder to ignore a digital sign (even if you have seen it before).

2. Digital adverts are more memorable than any other type of advertising. According to research, digital signs have a recall rate of 52% - significantly more than TV ads (32%), billboards (30%), radio ads (27%), and magazines (21%). As well as this, they engage people more and can influence buyer behaviour (especially increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases).

3. 8 out of 10 customers say that they have entered a retail store solely due to a digital sign catching their eye. That is a significantly higher number than with a themed shop-window design or static display. Humans are programmed to respond in a different way to digital visuals and this is one reason why many retailers are opting for digital signage.

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Retail is one of the fastest growing parts of the digital signage networks (DSNs). The market size for digital signage is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2023.

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4. Consumers say that adverts on digital billboards stand out more than online adverts. They are more memorable and more likely to influence. As well as this, digital signage is seen as cool and modern and a good way to share information as well as promote products and services. This is an interesting contrast to online pop-ups that we all experience multiple times a day on our handheld devices.

5. Not only is digital signage great for attracting new customers, it is also very effective in encouraging customers to stay loyal to brands. Digital signage can boost repeat customer numbers by over 30%.