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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple Inc beats analysts' expectations again !!

Apple Inc. one again reported quarterly results which blew analysts' estimates due to mainly its iPhones and Macs. Apple has reported a net profit of $5.99 billion, or $ 6.40 a share in second quarter of January to March 2011. When compared with a same quarter of 2010 the net profit was $3.33 a share which almost doubled in a year due to mainly Iphones and Macs sales.

Other Standalone figures are $24.67 billion in revenue ( 83 % higher than last year that was $13.499 billion) According to Thomson Reuters, expectation was a profit of $ 5.37 a share and sales of 22.383 billion.
Apple's gross margin for the second quarter was 41.4 percent, outlook for June quarter on sales will be around $23 billion or $5.03 per share.
Apple will start shipping fast processing Iphone 5 from september, according to the sources.
The excitement about the surprises in every quarter by Apple Inc is due to their conservative guidance for results, because as we know that miss the expectations would crush the stock of any company and Apple's strategy works every time as they keep beating the Analyst's expectations. Company is moving so fast with innovation in electronic gadgets, which keep Apple a brand not a PC maker or Notebook maker.
( Sources: CNBC)


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