Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hackers are playing Play Staion 3 ( P S 3 ): Sony

Play Station 3 from Sony Inc

Sony said tuesday that hackers had breached the network a week earlier,compromising confidential information including the names,addresses and possibly credit card data of 77 million users. News has very high impact on the share as it loose 5.2 percent and hitting a month low in last trading session on thursday as investors worried over the massive leak of personal information of Playstation network.

Experts say Sony could face legal action across the globe due to the incident.

There is concern that loyal PlayStation gamers could ditch Sony in the wake of the data theft. The theft could cost the company more than $1.5 billion, or an average of $20 for each of the 77 million customers whose data was compromised, according to Ponemon, whose firm specializes in securing information on computer networks.

Security experts say that Sony needs to account for the loss of that business — as well as damage to its brand — when it tallies up the cost of dealing with the breach. Other costs include notifying customers of the attack and bringing in experts to cleanse its network. 

( Source Thomson Reuters )


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