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Friday, May 27, 2011

Corruption watch: Egypt's ex-housing minister Ahmed Maghrabi found guilty, sentenced 5 year jail.

Egyptian ex-housing minister Ahmed Maghrabi convicted in corruption and sentenced five year prison. Maghrabi was accused of illegally selling 18 acres of state land at cut-rate prices to Ghabbour.

The official Middle East news Agency said Thursday that Ahmed Maghrabi was found guilty of intentionally damaging public finances by allowing a businessman to illegally acquire state land.

The businessman, Mounir Ghabbour, received a one-year suspended sentence. The verdicts can be appealed.

The court ordered them to repay a total of $12 million (72 million Egyptian pounds) and fined them the same amount.

Some two dozen Cabinet ministers and businessmen linked to the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak face corruption charges.

( Source: AP )

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