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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gujarat — The art of engineering growth !

Gujarat — The art of engineering growth 

The engineering sector is one of the largest segments in the overall industrial sector growth of any country and is recognised as a key driver for the development of all the other sectors of an economy. 

In Indian context, the engineering sector has over last decades experienced robust growth, as the country has a strong base in engineering and capital goods. High industrial growth, infrastructure development and favorable policies , has helped Indian engineering sector outlook achieve prominence so much so that today Indian engineering goods are gaining acceptance in overseas markets, with exports of engineering goods increasing to more developed nations in the western hemisphere. 

An industrial and economic powerhouse , Gujarat shines bright guiding India to prosperity. Gujarat is not just the land of enterprise but a land where change is inherent, where change is being in sync with the times. A land where change is about absorbing the knowledge, information, tools for development of one and all - from early days. 

The remains of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation found at the most developed port town of Lothal and urbane Dhola Vira, the under-water and well developed city of Dwarka are examples of the knowledge of technology people had in those times. 

The magnificent remnants of the incredible buildings, be it shaking minarets, Jama Masjid, innumerable forts and palaces, are all indication to the unparalleled knowledge and application of engineering in construction in Gujarat. 

Gujarat has also been home to a number of scientists, engineers and technologists who have propagated and shown ways to use science for betterment of the people. 

This rich tradition of scientific temper continues even in modern times. It has been home to some of the biggest names in Indian and global scientific community, the Father of Indian Space Research Dr Vikram Sarabhai, Father of hybrid cotton Chandrakant Patel and even school to Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan. 

Gujarat has always traversed this thin line of believing and living Science as the knowledge that serves the purpose of making lives of its people better, be it pure sciences, applied sciences or their practical utility through engineering. Gujarat - the state where engineering is but a tool that provides sharp edge to its Enterprise!

Gujarat today has around 5 per cent of India's population and 6 per cent of India's geographical area but accounts for 17% of India's fixed capital investment ; 22 per cent of India's exports, 42 per cent of India's pharmaceuticals; 62 per cent of India's petrochemicals; 65 per cent of India's plastic industry and 80 per cent of diamond processing.

The state's significant contribution to Indian economy has made India visible in a competitive market situation globally .Gujarat's strategic location, ports, longest coastline, road and rail network, proactive government and businesssavvy population make a perfect ground for businesses to flourish. It also boasts of world-class performance in its production of cotton, castor, cumin, denim, processed diamonds, sponge iron, wall clocks. The vast pool of skilled labour required for all the burgeoning sectors is met by several engineering and diploma colleges which churn out a ready-to-hire skilled workforce. 

The State outshines its peers in offering uninterrupted power supply, state-wide gas grid, rich gas reserves, extensive road and rail network and airports. Gujarat's engineering sector is no exception. It has witnessed impressive growth and development. Many multinational companies have established their manufacturing base in Gujarat. Various engineering industries are spread all over Gujarat - Castings & Forgings (Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara), Brass Parts (Jamnagar), Diesel Engine and Parts (Rajkot), Textile Machinery Parts (Surat, Surendranagar), Automobile components (Ahmedabad, Rajkot), Machine Tools (Rajkot), Air & Gas Compressors (Ahmedabad), Industrial valves (Ahmedabad), etc. 

In Gujarat, the Automobile sector has been growing tremendously in the last few years. The automobile components are manufactured mainly at Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara. The presence of engineering, foundry and casting industries in the State enables the sourcing of local components required for the automobile assembly /passenger cars. Rajkot has been a key leader in diesel engines for decades and has a major share in auto component business across the country, supplying major share of spare parts used in automobiles in the country. 

The state of Gujarat has also seen flow of investments in sectors as preengineered steel building, High Pressure Cylinders, Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) Pipes, Investment Casting, Manufacture of automobile components , and setting up automobile assembly units. 

Today Gujarat has left its lasting impression in the engineering sector of the country. It contributes a greater than 10% share of production of sponge Iron, Electric Motors, Compressors, Steel Pipes, Ball and roller bearings, brass parts, construction machinery, casting copper rods, textile machinery, transmisison line towers, television picture tubes, submersible pumps, environmental control equipment and gears. 

Gujarat is also a national leader in metallurgical industry, fabrication of metal products, machinery and equipment , electricals and automotives, including transport equipment.

Gujarat's engineering industry has many achievements to its credit. It is the largest producer of sponge iron in the country, largest exporter of wall clocks in the world, meets all the needs of brass parts of the country, has largest ship breaking year and is a largest producer of SAW and ERW pipes. 

The sector continues to attract a major share of investment over years. This is evident from the last Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit that was held on January 12-13 , 2011, where a total of 569 memorandum of understandings were inked with potential investment to the tune of Rupees 238,896.24 crore. 


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