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Monday, May 16, 2011

[intradaycalls] Ultimate Analysis on NIFTY Future

Ultimate Analysis on NIFTY Future 

(17th May, 2011)

NIFTY Performed on Monday:

Today (16-5-11) Nifty opened at 5529 with a loss of 16 points, moved in the range 5488 - 5542 and closed at 5499 with a loss of 46 points. Nifty futures range was 5477 - 5537, having a difference of 60 points. Today also Nifty moved in the lower part of M2 (i.e. 5464 - 5642) though Nifty futures was in 5 - 10 points discount..

Positional Trend with Levels

Just watch closing…5459 below…!

Suppose to happen this one….then Targets of Position will be 5366-5321 for traders of short term

Note: This pull is not believable for ending of Bearish Trend but also not confirmation of Bullish fully

Small Risk Opportunity in ADVANCED (Base of Hourly oscillators) : Selling levels 5611-5629 and Short Term Targets will 5536-5476, if trades 5630 above for 10minitues…then Exit from Short Position

(Please, Note that we are long with nifty future as mentioned above paragraph, yet we try to book profit 5584 above)

Keep Patience of Accurate single and our levels

(New update will be below 5440 only)

Technical Data-Sheet on NIFTY:

Refresh your memory…?

On Friday, We sold NIFTY Future 5611-5629…! And Given Targets 5476 to subscribers and yahoo Group me.

Target achieved on Monday with Touched 5476

Yes, you can still hold with stoploss 5429 and Read below msg…!

What for Today…?

NIFTY can open 45-67 Points down…!

Selling Pressure: 5497-5522

Just watch 5449-5458 (Support for rebound)

(After breaking this support and stay below it…NIFTY Future can spoil 5421-5403 easily)

Today possibility of bounce back from opening …! But …?

***After closing 5439(Consecutive of 2 secession) below will heavy fall on face to 5357-5334 easily for positional***

Incase of 5522 crossing above with volume…then Panic will be come 5548-5569


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