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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Absolute Return Letter - May 2011 [1 Attachment]

From the author: 

This month we take a closer look at oil and reach what many of our readers will probabaly find a surprising conclusion: 

We believe that we are approaching the end of the oil era and that oil prices will undergo a substantial correction over the next several years. 

But we cannot be very precise on timing, as there are too many variables at this stage. 

Our conclusion is based on 3 observations: 

1. Many commodity investors willl ultimately be disappointed by the lack of diversification this asset class offers. 

2. The government has effectively declared war on commodity speculators, and the area will become subject to a lot more scrutiny and regulation in the years to come. 

3. A number of new alternative energy forms are in much more advanced development than many investors realise. 

Enjoy the read!


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