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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Valcom Inc ( PINK: VLCO ) : Penny stock strong move alert, Extraordinary earnings.

Valcom Inc ( PINK: VLCO ) reported a huge increase in profit for its 2nd quarter 2011. Company's assets has grown more than 200 % while it has reported an earnings of $0.33 per share, which is 15 times of its stock price. (usually most company's earnings are in a fraction of its stock price not in times of its stock price )  This is something extraordinary results from the company and if company able to manage such a good performance in coming quarter, stock might see a huge upside from here. Traders and Investors might consider buying the stock for huge gains.Company Stock is on on radar at stockinvestips.

Below is the press release

Valcom Inc
(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - ValCom, Inc. (PINK: VLCO) reported a big gain in quarterly earnings when the media and entertainment company disclosed the financial results for the 2nd quarter of its financial year.

A key statistic in the 2nd quarter 2011 financial data is the company's total assets which grew over 200% from September 2010 to over $24 million. The increase is primarily due to the company's audio and film library and growth within its My Family TV television network (

"ValCom is starting to heat up!" stated Vince Vellardita, President and CEO of ValCom. "Our financial results are starting to show what our shareholders have waited for. This company has been dramatically undervalued as we continue to execute our business plan to increase shareholder value."

The 2nd quarter financial results showed a $.33 earnings per share, meaning that ValCom's earnings per share are 15-times where the stock is currently trading.

ValCom expects a great surge in revenues from its content library. The company has over 6,000 video and audio titles in the library. In 1st quarter 2011, an appraisal was conducted by DOS Broadcast and Appraisal Services to determine an accurate value of the content owned by the company. DOS has estimated that the value of the library exceeds $128 million. The library contains rare and unique video and audio content including 13 master recordings of Elvis Presley with The Platters; masters from Ike & Tina Turner before they were stars; and a very rare 3 Stooges film. The library also contains films starring the top names in Hollywood like Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Robert DiNiro, Jodi Foster, Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson.

In addition to utilizing the content to leverage the growth of My Family TV, the content can be licensed via various distribution channels including broadcast stations, cable networks, video on demand, and internet streaming. There is major revenue potential due to the overall expansion of new media and the growth of the international marketplace. For example, Netflix recently did a 5 year license of New Line Cinema's library of 250 titles for $750 million. ValCom has started the process of licensing the content in the syndication marketplace and has already lined up buyers.

Additional information pertaining to ValCom's quarterly results can be found in the company's 10-Q filing.


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