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Friday, May 27, 2011

Exposed Sex Scandals shut White Gentleman's Club ( London ).

Sex Scandals are being exposed in recent days. If we see the headlines since last 2 weeks, they are either DSK ( The IMF head ) or Sex party as a compensation for Sales Executives in German Insurer Munich Re. There is another scandal that has been exposed recently in London. A famous strip club called White Gentleman's Club in London was raided and investigated for about 2 months and finally city police shuts down the club.

Police squad ( vice squad ) found that bankers and other high end people were paying almost $1400 for threesomes in a stretch limo. They hired white limo for site seeing tour around the city and at the beginning of the tour, they were offered " full sex with two busty hookers and champagne on board ".The Sun reported the news 

Inside the club, wealthy visitors—who had already spent big on lap dances—were offered sex for about $1000.

The manager of the club was arrested "on suspicion of controlling prostitution."

Bankers, sportsmen and TV hosts make up much of the clientele at the strip joint.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider


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