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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Investing in Green Energy ? Some picks to consider.

Alternative Energy
Due to the higher oil prices above $110 per barrel, many alternative energy companies drew an attention from many investors. Below is the list of  some good companies which are operating in different clean energy fields.

Here are some of the stocks that made our list.

1) Synthesis Energy Systems ( NASDAQ:SYMX ) is a global energy and gassification technology company, converting low rank coal and biomass feedstock into fuels. Since February 18, the stock is up 279 percent. 
Market Cap: $190 million.

2) FutureFuel ( NYSE:FF ) operates in two segments, specialty chemicals and biofuels, engaging in the evaluation of technologies used to manufacture cellulose derived fuels and other bio-based products. Since February 18, the stock is up 26 percent. 
Market Cap: $495 million.

3)TRC Companies ( NYSE:TRR )  provides energy, environmental and infrastructure services, including air quality measurements, remediation of contaminated sites and environmental management of buildings. Since February 18, the stock is up 23 percent. 
Market Cap: $136 million.

4) Ceradyne ( NASDAQ:CRDN )engages in the manufacture of ceramic products, some of which are used in solar-energy panels. Since February 18, the stock is up 24 percent. 
Market Cap: $1 billion.

5) LSB Industries ( NYSE:LXU ) manufactures geothermal and water source heat pumps, air handling products and chemical products. Since February 18, the stock is up 21 percent. 
Market Cap: $797 million.

6) Coleman Cable ( NASDAQ:CCIX ) supplies electric wire and cable products, including power and control cables desigend for wind turbines. Since February 18, the stock is up 28 percent. Market Cap: $157 million.

( Source: CNBC )


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